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 Mattresses of All Types, Brands, Sizes, Etc.

We have an extensive range of beddings of all types, brands, sizes, price ranges, spring counts and varying levels of softness and comfort. Whether you need a Super King or a custom size mattress, you can find one here at Mattresses Galore and get the quality sleep you need. We cater for ANY size you may require.

Some of the popular brands we carry include the following:

  • Sealy, Sleepmaker, Sleepbetter

Mattresses Made from High Grade Materials

These mattresses are made from high-grade materials, giving you the ultimate comfort and durability that last a long time.

Our mattresses are all made in Melbourne and also combine cutting-edge “sleep systems” with contemporary design from Australia’s finest bedding manufacturers. We promise not to be beaten on the price, ensuring you get only the highest quality products at fantastic prices.

We recommend for high quality support and minimal partner disturbance the POCKET SPRING SYSTEM, featuring a choice of comfort layer including NATURAL LATEX, , BAMBOO, GEL INFUSION, WOOL, SILK and MEMORY FOAMS and all with 10 year guarantee

For the mid to high range we have CONTINUAL COIL and ZONED spring systems

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items